Shawnigan Lake School Sculpture Unveiling, B.C. Canada

On October 26th, 2013, the larger-than-life bronze sculpture of C.W. Lonsdale was unveiled on the beautiful Shawnigan Lake School campus in B.C., Canada. 

On the day of the sculpture installation the sun shone brightly, making it a perfect day for the arrival of the first headmaster in bronze. The installation was done by a crane and went smoothly, considering the three granite slabs and bronze statue totaled 15,000 lbs! Many curious students, faculty, and administrators came by to witness the placement of the sculpture, and once it was finally assembled everybody agreed that the design, size, and location couldn't be more fitting.  


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Home Stretch

The Fall brought beautiful weather with sun and warm temperatures. The last three months has been the homestretch for a project I have been working on since the beginning of 2012. Because we had an indian summer, I was able to work with the large roll up door open and the sun streaming in my studio (at Real Carriage, Gig Harbor - WA). My German Shepherd Dogs (I have two of them) spent many hours in my studio modeling as I worked out the kinks and sculpted the portrait. It was a lot of fun working with a live dog in my studio! 

Then as life would have it - the rains came in late October (just as I begin to return to the portrait) and it got cold, so I had to figure out how to once again work with artificial lighting. 


My dog after many adjustments

In late September my husband, Jeremy, help me install the platform under their feet. 

foil on the feet to protect finished shoes from getting damaged from dropped tools and clay when I'm working up high. 

Getting the lighting right so I could properly work on the portrait has been a challenge. Tools, scaffolding, lighting, and over tiredness are all things that you have to work to overcome so that the Work doesn't suffer.

C.W. Lonsdale & Dog - heads to Canada!

On April 12th, I joined Stuart (Shawnigan Lake Alum 1948) & Mary Milbrad, along with their daughter Sharon (Strathcona Alum) for a trip to Seattle. We took the newly completed maquette (size 21.75 x 13.25 x 12.75”) of C.W. Lonsdale & Dog to a meeting for alumni and guests put on by Shawnigan Lake School. I had a moment to share about the process of creating the work and a little background about Christopher Windley Lonsdale. The sculpture is now in Canada on view in the office of Shawnigan Lake School. It also is taken to various fundraising events and meetings that discuss the upcoming centennial celebration!!!

Stay tuned as we approach the making of the larger than life size sculpture! Shawnigan Lake School and alumni are in the process of raising funds to complete the piece, a tribute to their founder which will sit in a prominent location on campus!

Front view

rear view