Shawnigan Lake School Sculpture Unveiling, B.C. Canada

On October 26th, 2013, the larger-than-life bronze sculpture of C.W. Lonsdale was unveiled on the beautiful Shawnigan Lake School campus in B.C., Canada. To experience the days’ events, please view BELOW the photo slideshow or enjoy the video. 

On the day of the sculpture installation the sun shone brightly, making it a perfect day for the arrival of the first headmaster in bronze. The installation was done by a crane and went smoothly, considering the three granite slabs and bronze statue totaled 15,000 lbs! Many curious students, faculty, and administrators came by to witness the placement of the sculpture, and once it was finally assembled everybody agreed that the design, size, and location couldn't be more fitting. 

There is something different and special now as one passes through the wrought iron gates to Shawnigan. The once empty grove of old cedar trees, visible at about a hundred yards, holds the hint of someone new as you approach the main campus building. There stands C.W. Lonsdale and his beloved dog, appropriately just outside the Headmaster's office and adjacent to the Alumni Garden.

Founder's Day began with a service at the Shawnigan chapel. After the service, hundreds of students, alumni, and faculty gathered around the veiled sculpture for the unveiling ceremony. The keynote speaker was Mr. Dick Lonsdale, who spoke of his great uncle C.W.’s journey from London to the western coast of Canada, and his ultimate founding of the new school in 1916. Many more of Lonsdale's extended family were in attendance to witness the unveiling. It was a beautiful and very special day for all who attended. 

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the three gentlemen (and Shawnigan alumni) whose vision is now realized, and who have earned my respect, and my lifelong friendship: Stuart Milbrad, John Burr, and Francois Elmaleh.


Photos by Stephen Lane, Margot Allen and Paul Tedrick

To watch a video of the event click HERE

To read more about the event you can visit the Shawnigan Lake School website