Monumental Commissions

Monuments bring a human soul to a sacred space: a public plaza, a significant building, a memorial, a park. Bronze figurative sculptures are key features of some of the most known places in the world, and make each spot more intimate and more alive. Monuments can express the creativity of a community or company, the history of a special location, the meaning behind shared experiences or hopes. 

Private Commissions

Private Commissions are a unique way to tell a story and honor those we love. Represented in bronze, that emotion distinct to family member or friend, that gesture you know so well, becomes a living expression of what they mean to you. Some of the greatest works of art in the world were commissioned for private homes, as gifts, as expressions of love and affection. Consider what you might want to capture for all time. Contact Mardie to discuss creating something new.


Think a commission is the right fit?

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