a portrait to complete in the new year

Here is a portrait I've started on of my daughter, and need to complete before she grows too much bigger. She is now two years old and I started this when she was 18 months old. Where does the time go?

Toddler portrait: beginings

Toddler portrait: beginings

Toddler portrait: a little farther along

Toddler portrait: a little farther along

A little farther along...If I could just get her to sit still for me. Is that too much to ask?

Dawn & Dusk Door in the woods

Dawn & Dusk were recently installed on a beautiful arched entry door built by Real Carriage Door Co. (designed by my talented husband, Jeremy Broderick) that recently shipped to New Orleans for the AIA Convention May 11-15, 2011 We are all excited to hear the reception of this beautiful harmony of handcrafted wood and rich bronze.

Before the door shipped we took advantage of a beautiful Saturday. We took the door into the woods - not an easy task beacuse the door weighed 200 lbs! Here are just some quick photos taken with my phone. The professional photos coming soon!

The logistics of getting it down a small trail and over a fallen tree trunk!

My daughter wondering what all the fuss is about!

Aren't they beautiful?

How did the door get there!

C.W. Lonsdale & Dog - heads to Canada!

On April 12th, I joined Stuart (Shawnigan Lake Alum 1948) & Mary Milbrad, along with their daughter Sharon (Strathcona Alum) for a trip to Seattle. We took the newly completed maquette (size 21.75 x 13.25 x 12.75”) of C.W. Lonsdale & Dog to a meeting for alumni and guests put on by Shawnigan Lake School. I had a moment to share about the process of creating the work and a little background about Christopher Windley Lonsdale. The sculpture is now in Canada on view in the office of Shawnigan Lake School. It also is taken to various fundraising events and meetings that discuss the upcoming centennial celebration!!!

Stay tuned as we approach the making of the larger than life size sculpture! Shawnigan Lake School and alumni are in the process of raising funds to complete the piece, a tribute to their founder which will sit in a prominent location on campus!

Front view

rear view

Dawn & Dusk....completed!

Dawn & Dusk (Diptych)
37 X 22 X 2.5"
Bronze, 2011
Dawn & Dusk are high relief diptych panels of two female figures representing dawn and dusk. Draped figures stand in archway with a small verse unscripted at bottom. The panels were designed for a grand front entry door being currently built at Real Carriage Door Company! (pictures coming soon) They will be installed in an entry door next week and being going to the AIA Conference in New Orleans, LA.
Inscription reads:
Left Verse
Awaken to the song of wings
that every morning softly sings
Right Verse
Watch now as the sun sinks low
amber light and shadows grow
By Kim Smith (my Sister)
Detail of left corner on the 'Dusk' panel. The top arch way reads "Dusk Welcomes Dawn"