Meet Odin!

Odin is the model for the C.W. Lonsdale Commission. Odin represents many of the German Shepherds Lonsdale had over the years and has a beautiful head! Lonsdale typically had two dogs (male & a  female) through out his life time. The dogs sat with him in his office as headmaster or followed behind him as he oversaw the comings and goings of Shawnigan Lake School. The reason I chose to do just one dog instead of two is I feel that by adding another dog, it would over power the sculpture (as seen in photo below). The focus needs to remain on Lonsdale, the founder, who managed to start a boarding school in 1916 in a remote area of B.C. Canada (Vancouver Island) and now it is a thriving school of 400 students! What an amazing accomplishment!

SLS Archives

Two of Lonsdale's Dogs - Taken Circa 1948 - SLS Archives

Odin is well trained and did a fabulous job sitting for 'cheese'! I managed to measure his ears, paws, snout, etc...

He will be a great model for the sculpture!