Armature to Man & Dog

Here are a few pictures showing the progress I've made in the last few days.I've gone from measuring my models to building an armature (5/16 scale) and adding clay. I'm just at the very beginning stages of things taking shape.

The armature of the dog after a few changes. I started putting clay on and found out my armature had to be modified to take the weight of the clay.... so the clay you see piled on the right was pulled off his back so I could make those changes. It is NEVER to late to hack at it and get down to the armature and fix things since you will only be paying for it later!

(I did a little neck adjustment last night - armature was too close to the surface so that is why his head looks funny. It certainly never hurts to have something to do first thing the next day)

Just some quick pictures of where I am at in the sculpting process this beautiful Friday morning. It is about time we started out with a sunny morning! The hasn't been the best of summers here in the Northwest this year so I am soaking it up. I have all my doors open and it is beautiful!