Signature Status with Portrait Society of America


What does this mean to Mardie?

"I decided to pursue sculpture as my medium because I so enjoyed my first portrait sculpting class - cutting into clay open lips and piercing eyes. I have always been most fascinated by the beauty and soul that is visible on the human face and it is with great care...Read the Full Story Here  I have tried to capture these qualities in each portrait I create. I am truly honored to be recognized and included with the many artists both past and present who pursue portraiture at it's finest. Receiving recognition for the quality of my work is the encouragement I need to continue the creative journey both in the high and low points of my career."

What is Signature Membership?

After garnering multiple awards from the Portrait Society of America, Mardie was recognized as an established artist in the field of Portraiture. Signature Status recognizes those practicing and accomplished artists who are dedicated to the educational mission and high aesthetic standards of the Portrait Society of America.  The artist's work must consistently demonstrate a high level of skill and sophistication of aesthetics. This honorary status grants the right to artists to use the initials of the organization (PSS-Portrait Society Signature) on all personally created works as an indication of their harmonious high standards and goals, to create, to advance and to share.