Dawn & Dusk Relief Panels

I've been so busy finishing my panels I haven't had a chance to continue posting the process, so now that I am done sculpting them I thought I'd post how I got there!

Here is where the idea began - a drawing I did in 2009. They originally were designed to go in an entry door made by Real Carriage Door Company. I've worked on this piece off and on between commissions and after each commission I would come back and change an aspect of the design. It has been evolving over the past two years.

Where I was in early January of 2011


Working on getting the leg of Dusk in the right place.

Dusks drapery is complete.

My Husband, Jeremy Broderick, really helped with the project being the perfectionist that he is! He designed text, determined placement, and sculpted the text. Jeremy helped stay true to the organic yet perfect balance of the Art Nouveau style! I couldn't have completed it without him!

Above are pictures of completed Dawn & Dusk in clay before we started the molds. They are now at the foundry (2 Raven Studio in Tacoma, Washington) and being cast in Bronze for Real Carriage Door Company in Gig Harbor, Washington. The door has been awaiting the bronze panels for quite some time now.

Poem Credit goes to my sister: Kim (Rees) Smith on bottom right and left panels. She is also the beautiful model for Dusk. She is always an inspiration to me and I don't tire of sculpting her.