PDX - Portland International Airport Sculpture Show

Pacific Northwest Sculptors Exhibit, on E Concourse, My Sculpture: "Truth Beloved" is on exhibit from January 5th – August 1st , 2009

A comment about the show:

Each of the 14 sculptures were interesting, providing a variety of expressions from talented local artists. I was particularly impressed with a couple of those  fashioned from metal. One was a cyclist speeding thru the night called "Portland at Midnight."I'm sure we have all seen him for real ,hell bent for leather, with hair flying in the wind,going to or from somewhere important. Wish I had this guy on my mantle.

The other sculpture catching my eye was a bust of a female African American done in black bronze called "Truth Beloved." As you examine this piece you are drawn to her eyes and compelled to bend down for a closer look. They are almost real and reflect the serene mood of the subject. I noticed a number of passengers stopping to view this particular piece and all had a closer look at the eyes.

It is nice to know so many talented northwest artists have sculptures that beg for attention ,and in some cases , have been shown around the world. Even better, we have them here at PDX.

-written by JC Hinton