Coming into Focus

I've been focusing in on the portraits, hands, feet, and the robe the last few weeks. It is currently within a few days of being done!!Below is what has been going on behind the scenes sculpting St. Anthony & Child.

(Commissioned for St Anthony Hospital's main lobby)

(St Anthony & Child have wet rags on their heads to keep them cool in the summer heat)

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Working on the portrait of St. Anthony. I'm really concentrating since I have limited time with my model.

(there is a box built around his feet for protection since they are nearly finished and I drop clay everywhere when I am working...)

(St. Anthony's head is designed to come off so he can come out of my studio. The armature is visible here in his neck but not for long.)

I am working on the Child's portrait. My little model Owen (of 2 yrs) is sitting in a chair near by for a quick view of his eyes. He has grown a lot in the last few months into less a baby and more little boy, so I have to use old measurements, pictures to go for what I want. His spirit of wonderment and sweet curiosity remains the same. He watches 'milo & Otis', "Land Before Time', and his parents read him books to keep him seated or within view of my quick sculpting hand!!

A view of St. Anthony & Child on a late summer evening.