Building the Inside

Above: I added a piece of plywood (not visible) as a base to begin stacking the blocks of Styrofoam on. You can see my rulers sticking out every where as I try to determine the bottom edge of the robe.

Here begins the building of the insides with blocks of styrofoam. This has to be done before you put clay on because it will make the piece lighter, easier to move, and you will use less clay. It is also helpful to attach the clay without it falling off or sagging. The goal it to build the styrofoam allowing 2"-3" of clay to be added.

Commission for: St. Anthony Hospital, Gig Harbor WA

I finally have the blocks of styrofoam glued up to the head now. I used "good stuff" and bbq skewers to help hold the pieces together as the glue dried.

Above: I (Mardie) am shaping in the gesture using a sheet rock knife and a few other tools. I kept the permanent marker handy in my pocket to mark out the waist and locations that needed to get shaved. It is easy to forget that it needs to be a 2-3 inches from the surface. It looks so bizarre!!!...but I can't wait to get clay on....just a few more steps..

Hot wax gets applied to help bond the clay and prevent pieces of Styrofoam from being everywhere. Then St Anthony & Child get loaded into the truck for the ride from the Bronze Works to my Gig Harbor studio. Oops..looks like his head had to come off to fit! Good thing we made it that height to fit in the studio.

My family's "Big White" vehicle comes in handy when you are a sculptor.

Now the sculpture is ready for some clay! (wrapped with wire mesh)

My Gig Harbor Studio with the recent arrival of the armature that evening.