The Robes of a Saint

Once I had a chance to sculpt out the feet I began massing in the flow of his robes. I still kept the hem of the robe shy of the floor so I could touch up his feet later on. Also, being able to see his feet while sculpting really helps visually ground the figure. Once I began sculpting the flow of the robe, I saw the movement that could be portrayed. In my mind, St. Anthony seemed to be standing at the top of a mountain preparing to preach while confidently holding the Christ Child in his arms. He sways back and forth to comfort the child.

(Above) A couple of closeups of the child in his arms. I really want to make sure I have his arms and hands in the proper locations before I sculpt on his sleeves, so that is why I he is currently wearing a robe without sleeves. You can see my computer monitor in the background on the right. I put images of my model from different angles here depending on what I am working on. At the moment you can see the painting of St. Francis in the desert by Giovanni Bellini. I found it to be one of the many images that was most informative on the dress of the Franciscans of the middle ages and therefore; St. Anthony. St. Francis and St. Anthony both lived at the same time and ministered in Italy.