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The themes in my sculptures are derived from stories in history and literature, from relationships that are core to the formation of a soul. I shape and cut into clay with handcrafted wooden tools. I feel the raw materials in my hands.

It is essential to me that my work live and breathe on its own. This is best achieved by being as hands-on as possible. My interactions and relationships with live models, the textures made by my tools, and the nuances achieved by lost-wax casting – a procedure almost as old as sculpture itself – help keep the spark of life in my work.

I rely on live models, often friends and family, to draw out depth of character and natural gesture. I look for signs within parted lips, clenched hands, and wise eyes, the outer signal of emotions that reveal the sacred inner self. I use representatives with whom we can identify, figures that can walk with us. I seek those moments we have in common and portray the beauty and honesty of times of struggle, solitude, or contemplation.