About the Sculptor

Mardie Rees is an award-winning figurative sculptor. An artist steeped in tradition, she uses handcrafted wooden tools to shape clay into living beings cast in bronze. Her work calls attention to the human form and core emotions. A mix of classical practice and contemporary craft makes her art come alive. Mardie lives in Gig Harbor, Washington, with her husband, Jeremy Broderick, and their two children.


Mardie grew up in a family of fine craftspeople, builders and artists. When she was a teenager, her family moved to Ecuador for three years. It was a catalyst for her artistic development. While there, she explored her growing relationship with art in a variety of ways. She produced oil and acrylic paintings, experimented with sculpture, and joined a team that painted twenty murals throughout the country. 

Returning to the U.S., she honed her skills while attending Laguna College of Art and Design. The depth of expression possible in representative, figurative sculpture, took hold of Mardie. She graduated with honors as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003.

Since that time, Mardie has created life-size bronze sculptures for grand memorials and public spaces, as well as intimate pieces for private families. She sculpts by hand, crafts from live models, and casts in bronze using the time-honored lost-wax method. She’s won accolades for her commissioned work and for her personal projects, which explore fundamentally human themes such as womanhood, faith, youth, struggle and hope.

Mardie’s work has been recognized and awarded by the Portrait Society of America, Art Renewal Center, Allied Artists of America and the National Sculpture Society.

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Mardie Rees

Artist Statement

The themes in my sculptures are derived from stories in history and literature, from relationships that are core to the formation of a soul. I shape and cut into clay with handcrafted wooden tools. I feel the raw materials in my hands.

It is essential to me that my work live and breathe on its own. This is best achieved by being as hands-on as possible. My interactions and relationships with live models, the textures made by my tools, and the nuances achieved by lost-wax casting – a procedure almost as old as sculpture itself – help keep the spark of life in my work.

I rely on live models, often friends and family, to draw out depth of character and natural gesture. I look for signs within parted lips, clenched hands, and wise eyes, the outer signal of emotions that reveal the sacred inner self. I use representatives with whom we can identify, figures that can walk with us. I seek those moments we have in common and portray the beauty and honesty of times of struggle, solitude, or contemplation. 



Jeremy Broderick is Chief of Marketing and Operations for Mardie Rees Artist. He grew up outside Boston, Massachusetts where he discovered his love of the arts and sciences as well as the beauty of our natural and built environments. After achieving his bachelors of Architecture from Roger Williams University, he managed and operated a design-build firm with several of his colleagues in New England. Jeremy employs his skills in architecture, construction, and entrepreneurship at Mardie Rees Artist to facilitate larger projects and to help introduce more sculpture to the world.

Jeremy Broderick

Jeremy Broderick